A total of 381 ridges from the fingerprints of all ten of my fingers after I pressed them against the glass of the scanner. Each fingerprint is treated separately to form its own grid, and together all ten grids make up the piece. The following are the sizes of each image and the order in which they appear: Left, Little, 2.85 x2.85"; Left, Ring, 3.12"x3.12"; Left, Middle, 3.45"x3.45"; Left, Index, 2.85x2.85"; Left, Thumb, 3.99"x3.99"; Right, Thumb, 4.025"x4.025"; Right, Index, 3.09"x3.09"; Right, Middle, 3.85”x3.85"; Right, Ring, 3.85”x3.3"; Right, Little, 3"x3". The largest dimension of the largest ridge is 0.575” from the fingerprint of my right thumb.

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> Fingerprints, 2007 Total Size 4.025" x 35.775", 10 individual Digital C-Prints