Photographs of What I Do When I Get Bored of Photographs

“Photographs of What I Do When I Get Bored of Photographs” are (indeed) photographs of a process that I repeat often when I get bored of looking at photographs. The process is as follows: I expose “traditional” C-Print photo paper to light, causing the paper to turn a distinctive color; I then try to create a paint color that matches the color of the paper.

The paint colors I mix to find my “matching” color are always cyan, magenta, yellow and white (the primary colors of light that are mixed in a standard color enlarger). I place and mix my colors directly on the sheet of paper itself. Each time I remix the paint in an attempt to perfectly match the paper color I paint a new swatch. I begin painting swatches in the top right corner and move progressively down and to the left as I get closer and closer to matching the color. I stop painting swatches once I feel I have come as close as possible. Thus the paint swatch furthest to the left is the most similar to the color of the paper. I then scan/photograph the result of my attempt to match paint color to a color created by light, turning my “painting” back into a “photograph”.

photographs of what I do when I get bored of photographs
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> Matching Acrylic Paint to Kodak Endura Paper (I), 2008, 8”x10”